Intel's 10nm Alder Lake CPU rumoured for September launch, and it could be a game-changer

The first few months of the year for a PC Gamer are usually the important ones; it's where they look at the PC, and see just what could be upgraded.

However, it's the CPU where many decide whether its time to upgrade; almost by clockwork every year.

Which is why some are waiting for the rumoured 'Alder Lake-S' Intel series coming in September, which supposedly brings updates that many have been waiting for.

With that, lets look at what's been rumoured for this new Intel CPU series.

What's the big Alder deal?

According to Videocardz, 'Alder' is built on a newer 10nm architecture, this is the type that users are waiting for, much more than 'Rocket Lake-S' series that's coming soon.

The specs of the 'Alder' chip look to be:

  • IntelXe integrated-GPU
  • DDR5 Support
  • PCI Express Gen 5 Support
  • Intel 600 Socket
  • 16 cores - 24 threads

Switching to the '600' socket is a big deal for many, as it means that support for DDR5 RAM and the next PCI-Express standard brings more future-proofing to a setup, alongside faster results once these components are available and installed.

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How Much Could It Cost?

With 'Rocket Lake-S' seemingly coming very soon with a line that averages £300, Alder looks to supersede it.

When you factor in the features it will supposedly offer, don't be surprised to see these retail for around £400 at minimum.

Keep in mind, these chips will be launching in a time where other manufactures will be announcing their own successors, such as RAM, 'Super' variants of GPU products, and much more.

If you're wanting to upgrade the CPU in your system to something more substantial, 'Alder' looks to be the way to go in September.

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