Intel Xe graphics cards could change the game for budget PC gaming - Here's how!

Intel's graphics subset has been a constant for almost 15 years now, with many integrated variations in many laptops and desktops.

They were primarily in Apple's iMac and MacBook lines, with their 'HD-4000' running just some games at a steady-30FPS.

However, Intel have gotten behind in recent years, focusing more on trying to keep up in the CPU game, by adding cores, 'Turbo' variants and much more.

But now, they seem ready to finally release the successor to their graphics line, in the form of Xe.

Intel Xe 'Desktop'

While we've talked about 'Intel Xe' before, we haven't mentioned its 'desktop variants', which aren't integrated into the CPU.

Instead, its GPU similar to the NVIDIA and AMD variants, where it slots into a PCI-Express slot on the motherboard.

Codenamed 'DG1', these variants are more for computer's that aren't primarily focused on gaming, but more for average-use such as light editing, multi-display support, alongside 4K and HDR support.

ASUS have teamed up with Intel to offer the first desktop GPU on 'Xe' that's due to be released very soon.

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Could it change low-end PC's?

Consider this; if you have someone who wants to use a PC for just a couple of games, such as Fortnite, then this GPU is the ideal choice for that.

With the card offering 4GB of memory onboard, it's not going to be a beater to NVIDIA's GeForce 3070, however, we're in an age where rendering 4K video on these cards is possible, something that was unheard of from Intel only a few short years ago.

But for something like Fortnite, this GPU will be the ideal choice, especially for someone just wanting to dip their toe into PC gaming.

Time will tell as to whether Intel will release more 'Xe' desktop GPU products soon, but the future looks bright for low-end platforms.

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