How to apply thermal paste to your gaming PC, and why you should

If you've ever built a PC and dealt with installing the CPU on the motherboard, then you know what thermal paste involves.

There's always a small blob that comes with the CPU when bought, and you really only get one chance to make sure that it lands on the correct position.

However, its recommended, if you wish, to apply a better thermal paste to siphon off the heat that comes between the CPU and the motherboard.

With that, let's see what Thermal Paste is, and how to apply it.

What is Thermal Paste?

This is a substance that sits between the CPU and its heatsink, and is applied just before the heatsink is installed onto the CPU and the motherboard as whole.

Its used to regulate the temperature of the CPU, where it helps syphon off excess heat when its under intense work when loading a game, rendering a video, and much more.

It's usually in a tube, similar to what toothpaste is stored in, and you simply squeeze it out to make sure that it goes only on the base of the processor.

This way, it helps make the heatsink, the CPU, and the PC as a whole, much more efficient.

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How to Apply

Squeezing the thermal paste out from a tube isn't the best way to place it on a CPU; you have to make sure that all of the paste has been emptied, and none of it is on your fingers.

A great method is to find one on a site that offers it in a syringe.

Make sure that all of it is extracted and places from the centre of the CPU outwards.

Once this is done, install the CPU heatsink, and you should be good to go.

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