Google Stadia and GeForce Now REVEALED for LG TVs in 2021

Playing games over an internet connection directly was something none other than a pipe dream ten years ago.

With services such as OneLive showing what the potential was, services like Google Stadia and GeForce NOW are now the standard of where fans are going to for their gaming kick on their device, all within an app or a browser.

Which is why televisions are now getting in on the trend, with integrated apps for Google and GeForce being announced earlier today for LG variants, for release later this year.

With that, let's go into the LG televisions that will be available for the two streaming services.

Which LG Televisions?

As it's currently 'CES 2021' week, LG are announcing a plethora of televisions that feature OLED, mini-LED and even bigger screens for 4K.

LG have currently said that their new 2021 line will all be offering Google Stadia and GeForce NOW.

It's interesting to note that barely any televisions released have the two apps pre-installed, so LG have a tempting offer here for anyone looking for a new television.

While there these streaming services are available for the Fire TV and Apple TV for obvious reasons, this method can easily expand the audience of the two apps.

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How Much is Stadia and GeForce NOW?

Both services, while thin on the ground at the start of their offerings, now have a great breadth of games to play on a device that suits you.

With the televisions, it's going to be a lot easier than it is now in accessing both streaming services.

While Google Stadia offers a one-month free trial, and £8.99 a month after, GeForce NOW offers a free plan that lasts an hour, or £25 for six months and unlimited gaming.

Both are very tempting, especially if you're thinking of upgrading your television for the front room, or your gaming room in the near future.

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