PS5 teardown video rumoured for November: What should fans expect?

We are fast approaching the release-window of the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, and with that, many rumours of what could be coming very soon.

When the PlayStation 4 was unveiled, Sony released several videos and articles to other outlets describing just what the console was, how the Dual Shock 4 was a significant improvement on its predecessors, alongside the launch games.

The same looks to be coming up, with rumours for an announcement later this week, alongside a ‘teardown’ of the new console coming in November, right around the launch period.

But what constitutes as a ‘teardown’, and why should you be looking forward to it? Let’s find out.

Tear it Down

Hardware specs are a topic that has only grown in the last couple of console generations, thanks to BluRay, HD-resolutions and frame-rates. But many out there want to gain a greater understanding into just what’s inside the consoles.

Back in November of 2013, WIRED published a ‘teardown’ of the PlayStation 4 just a few weeks before its release. It detailed every part of the console and the hardware, thanks to engineer Yasuhiro Ootori.

Tearing it down to build it up, for the players

From the way the hardware was set to the speeds and what the console was capable of, it was a great video that gave potential customers an idea into what games they would be playing at Christmas.

But now another one is rumoured to be occurring for November of this year, giving the same ’teardown’ and info into just what makes the PlayStation 5 next-gen.

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Build it Up

One can read all the hardware-specs from a table that the ‘PlayStationBlog’ can provide. But with many pivoting towards YouTube, Twitch and now TikTok for watching their favourite content creators demonstrating tear-downs and even repairs of consoles, it only makes sense for a video like this to be shown soon.

Take Geoff Keighley and his video of merely ‘holding’ the DualSense controller. No new details were given, but we were given an idea as to the actual size of the controller, and how it felt. That was it. The similar can be taken here, and perhaps even how the machine sounds when its switched on.

PS5 is vengeance

When you also take into account the design of the console, and the memes that have followed up on it, many will be curious as to how it can even be taken apart to start with. Also the fact that there’s two models; one with a disk drive, and one without, so some will be curious to see what disks that drive can really play.

We aren’t far from new details being announced, and the teardown could be a great introduction into what the console is capable of. We just need the price and the release date now.

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