OPINION: Discontinuing the Xbox One X is a BAD LOOK for Microsoft, at a crucial time for Xbox Series X

We are heading towards the end of the Xbox One, ever since its confusing debut in 2013, and now we’re awaiting the Xbox Series X to take its place.

But it seems no one more than Microsoft itself, with them announcing that the Xbox One X top-tier variant would now be retired as of this month, justifying it as a way for the Series X to take over the price point.

But one can’t help but feel that it’s too soon, especially considering the world that we’re currently living in, with game launches and events being delayed due to the pandemic.

This is why we think it’s just too soon a decision to use the axe on an Xbox One variant.

To be Dis-continued..

It’s no secret that Microsoft considers the ‘Games Pass’ service to be their coup; their shining lightsaber in the console clone wars, ready to swing it against the coming PlayStation 5 and whatever Nintendo decide to announce for the Christmas season.

But it’s also no secret that their messaging has been confusing. Which game can work on the Series X and Xbox One, which one is coming to xCloud, and what’s optimised for Series X. One would think that getting rid of a console variant would clear this up, but it simply makes it worse.

The company wants to make sure that their games play on as many of their platforms as possible, in the best possible way for the user. But without the high-spec Xbox One X, that tempers some budgets in wanting to experience Halo Infinite, before they decide to go for a Series X.

If you go on Amazon now, you will find the Xbox One X for £380, enabling someone to experience the current-generation games in the best way, while also being able to play certain Series X games at a higher frame rate. But now users are in a bind; do they go for the Xbox One S, or try to search for the gold coins for the Series X.

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Point of No Return

Unfortunately it leaves users in a predicament; it’s no secret that the pandemic of COVID-19 has left many people with much less disposable income, and there’s a good chance that sales of the new consoles will be lower because of this, especially if a second wave occurs from October.

I don’t mean to sound as if I’ve woken on the wrong side of the bed today, but it’s unfortunately the reality of many right now. It’s great that there’s an option for some to sign up to a monthly contract that gains them a console and a subscription, but we’re in August and there’s been no mention of price for the Series X and how much a subscription could be that includes this new console.

Instead, Microsoft have decided to dis-continue a console that may limit some towards the end of the year, forcing them to look at the Xbox One S in the meantime. Then again, xCloud may be the saviour here, being able to stream the GamePass library through certain devices, but that also depends on a strong internet connection. Having tried out the service on public WiFi for instance at a coffee shop brought disappointing but understandable results.

Microsoft don’t seem to be in touch as to what their customers want. Every event brings disappointment and confusion, and any hype leads to most on social media pulling a face like Krusty the Clown once the event finishes.

Currently we’re seeing them try to put out the fires of disappointment that some in the community aired due to the graphical quality of ’Halo: Infinite’, but I’d much prefer them to focus on giving users a better choice that’s more dictated by the customer of 2020. Give them affordable and accessible choices, and just be upfront; don’t needlessly hype up everything as if its a Geoff Keighley event.

Hopefully there’s simple, explicit details as to how customers will access their games everywhere, because most of us just want to sit down, ignore the world’s issues and just enjoy a match in Halo 1 at Blood Gulch. But right now Microsoft are going headfirst at 88 miles an hour as always, when it could be better used to just rein it in, and discover just what a customer wants out of Xbox.

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