4K games on Switch: Which classic titles could get a gorgeous remake/remaster?

As the months pass and we get ever closer to the next-gen launches from Sony and Microsoft, more and more eyes are ever landing on what Nintendo’s next move will be for their Switch line.

It’s been a roaring success, with their stance on focusing on convenience, Animal Crossing and most recently, Mario remasters which have helped pass the time for many during these last couple of months.

But rumours are intensifying that Nintendo are readying a ‘Super Switch’ or ‘Switch Pro’ which will bring a better screen, better battery, and a higher resolution in the way of 4K.

With remasters in many supply for Nintendo, one can’t help but wonder what games could benefit from a 4K upscale.

Past Games could look very Viewtiful in 4K

Nintendo have a vast library spanning over thirty years now. Many are wishing for them to bring N64 games to the Switch, or even a collaboration with Rare to bring Banjo Kazooie and even GoldenEye to the system, however unlikely that may be.

But here’s a short list of what could be realistic for a 4K Switch release:

  • Viewtiful Joe
  • Zelda: Wind Waker
  • Mario Galaxy 2
  • Sonic Generations
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy

All possible, all likely. Metroid Prime Trilogy is a remaster that has been rumoured for over two years now, while Wind Waker seems inevitable for Zelda’s 35th Anniversary next year.

But even existing games and services could benefit from this update. The SNES and NES Online apps for instance; Super Metroid in 4K, Mario All Stars in 4K, even Zelda 1 in 4K. It’s all possible.

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The Rainbow Road to Switch Pro

Of course, Nintendo are a company who like to keep their cards to their chest; they would want the hype of the two next-gen consoles to build up, pass and then relax, which is what will be on many gamers’ minds as we head into the New Year.

Nintendo could already have an ace in their sleeve; it’s rumoured that developers have already been given a heads up that 4K is coming, and they are already preparing patches for their existing games to take advantage of this feature. Previous games released such as Smash Bros Ultimate, Onimusha, Oni and the Wisps, Cuphead and many more can look glorious in a higher resolution, both in handheld and docked mode here.

4K for existing games, and possible upcoming rumoured remasters such as Wind Waker and Skyward Sword is a tantalising thought.

But this is still all speculative; yet one can’t help but wonder that a 4K Switch on the go is something that’s many, this writer included, would pre-order in an instant.

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