OnePlus Watch: Price, Design, OS and more

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Chinese phone company OnePlus isn't restricting itself to the smartphone market anymore. In a surprise turn, the beloved phone brand is branching out into Android Wear tech with the introduction of the OnePlus Watch.

Leaked alongside the upcoming OnePlus 9 line of phones, the new watch from OnePlus will be the company's debut smartwatch. After developing television sets, it should’ve been expected, really.

OnePlus Watch OS

OnePlus will not be including the standard Google WearOS frontend in their new smartwatch. Instead, the Watch will be using a real-time operating system that should provide a better battery life than standard WearOS devices.

Similar to how OxygenOS is still based on Android, RTOS is based on Google's WearOS, albeit with planned improvements. OnePlus also aims to make the device communicate better across their phones and TV hardware. Much like Apple’s approach to hardware, the company wants to provide a seamless experience for brand loyalists.

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OnePlus Watch Price

While the watch has yet to be announced officially despite numerous leaks, the price of the OnePlus Watch is now known. Posted online by trusted tipster Ishan Agarwal, the Watch is expected to cost at a starting price of €150 in Europe.

However, Agarwal has stated that the Watch will not be priced relative to currency conversion in other regions. This means there is expected to be some discrepancies for regional prices.

What design is OnePlus using?


The design of the new Watch from OnePlus is remarkably standard. It's not a flashy design; it looks like your average smartwatch. However, much like the company's phones, it is a clean-looking device with a UI that pops. An official render has been leaked, and it looks very watchy.

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