Switch: How long does a Nintendo Switch Joy Con take to charge?

The Nintendo Switch has been a runaway success since its launch four years ago.

However, due to its 'Joy-Con' controllers, you may find yourself having to charge them constantly if you're using them when removed from the Switch itself.

If you've only got the one pair, you may have to use the Switch in its mobile form while they charge.

However, how long does a Nintendo Switch Joy Con take to charge?

How long does a Nintendo Switch controller take to charge

The Joy-Con controllers are the main method that many players use for their games; they simply find them easier to manage rather than a Bluetooth controller, as you can simply place them back into the Switch once you're done.

Yahoo suggests that it would take players about 3.5 hours in order to fully charge their Switch controllers.

Quite long but it should be a worthy waiting game.

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Charging your Joy-Cons in two different methods

There are two different ways available on how you can charge your Joy-Cons.

One method is through the Nintendo Switch itself. You can attach your controllers back to the unit to ensure that those are charging properly.

The other method is buy using a separate charging dock by Nintendo. You only need to place them into the station, and wait until both controllers get fully charged.

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