The Xbox Series X console looks MUCH better in white, but black could still be the better choice for you - OPINION

It's starting to look a lot like the Xbox Series X, or at least the Xbox Series S, will come in white. But now gamers will have to decide - which colour do they prefer, and which option will they pump their cash into?

The fridge-like Xbox Series X design was originally unveiled in black, so you may have already come to terms with having that dark-hued monolith in your living room. But a newly-leaked controller image seems to suggest that there will be some sort of white option among Microsoft's next-gen offering.

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But which version should you choose? Read on to discover our full thoughts on why the battle between Xbox Series X colours may not be as simple as you thought...

Xbox Series X White Version vs Black Version - which looks better?

Design is a subjective matter, of course. But in this writer's opinion, the Xbox Series X looks MUCH better in white, for a variety of reasons.

When you switch the colour palette to white, the detailing of the Xbox Series X stands out a bit more - you can see the disc drive, the Xbox logo and every other detail a little bit more clearly. This helps it look less like a generic fridge, or trash can, or any other insult that you might've seen flung at the black console.

Also, in my opinion, a white console always pops a bit more - so the white version of the Xbox Series X, should it really come to market, is sure to look a bit more impressive in your living room. Especially when you compare it to a black blob.

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ALL WHITE ON THE NIGHT? Which version of the Xbox Series X will you go for?

Xbox Series X White Version vs Black Version - other things to consider

However, when it comes to buying any console, there are always other things to consider besides your visual opinion - and these will vary from one person to another.

For instance: if your TV, your TV stand and every other device in your living room is black, you might prefer to opt for a black console to keep the set matching.

Or if you want your pricey new purchase to stand out, you might opt for a white console that clashes with all your other stuff - it's a matter of personal preference.

Also, you'll want to consider how often you're likely to clean your new console, and what kind of grime tends to accumulate in your living room: specks of dust might show up a little more noticeably on a black console, but fingerprints and crumbs will stick out like a sore thumb on the white version.

For me, nothing matches in my living room anyway - the TV is black, the TV stand is wooden brown, and there's already a red-and-blue Switch sat alongside a black PS4. To keep the hodge-podge effect going, I'll probably opt for a white Xbox Series X - that is, if I'm given the option when the Xbox Series X pre-orders open!

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