Xbox Series X games on Xbox One EXPLAINED: Despite Microsoft hype, NOT all games will work on both consoles

During the Xbox Games Showcase event in July 2020, many fans were confused by one thing. They were left wondering: will ALL the Xbox Series X games work on Xbox One, or only some of them?

Despite the fact that previous Microsoft statements made it sound like forwards compatibility was a huge deal for the company, the lack of Xbox One logos on some of the game trailers made it look like there are some Xbox Series X games in the works that will NOT run on Xbox One.

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Keep reading to learn what Microsoft is saying about the confusing matter of Xbox Series X games running on Xbox One...

Will all Xbox Series X games work on Xbox One?

It has already been established that lots of Xbox Series X games will run on Xbox One, with Halo Infinite being one of the big examples - it's a game that will run on both systems and PC.

With games like Obsidian's Avowed and Rare's Everwild neglecting to mention the Xbox One in their trailers, it seems like Microsoft is not forcing its first-party studios (that is, the game developments companies that Microsoft actually owns) to ship their upcoming titles on the old hardware.

Despite the fact that Xbox Series X marketing materials have talked a big talk about keeping Xbox One gamers in mind, it sounds like developers will have the choice to make games that DON'T run on Xbox One if they want to.

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has since confirmed this stance on Twitter, saying, "Future 1P titles are developed for Xbox Series X first. Not saying those games won’t ship on Xbox One, only that we are leading with Series X & each studio will decide what's best for their game/community when they launch."

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OUT OF ACTION? It sounds like your Xbox One could be going out of date.
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OUT OF ACTION? It sounds like your Xbox One could be going out of date.

What about Xbox Game Pass Project XCloud?

One thing that is worth remembering: Microsoft seems VERY committed to shipping all of its new first-party games on Xbox Game Pass, which is certainly a good thing for fans - you won't have to splurge on separate games, because they're all covered by one subscription.

Furthermore, it sounds like Microsoft is planning on bundling the game-streaming XCloud service into Game Pass, making it possible for fans to play high-end games on their phones, tablets and other devices through the magic of the internet.

With all of this in mind, it seems likely that we won't be short of ways to play the new Xbox games, even if some of them can't run natively on the Xbox One...

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