Xbox Series X Fridge: Xbox marketing exec hints at potential 'mini-fridge' product!

When the Xbox Series X console was first revealed, it was immediately subject to countless memes comparing the console to a fridge across various social media outlets.

Indeed, this meme became so frequent that Xbox started to use the comparison in its own marketing, with the 'Xbox Fridge' first appearing in an Xbox Games Showcase back in May, albeit as an edited background.

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However, Xbox has now gone a step further, making the Xbox Series X Fridge a reality....

Xbox Series X Fridge reveal

Fans got a first look at the full Xbox Series X fridge replica when both Snoop Dogg and iJustine revealed that Xbox had given them a fridge ahead of the Series X's launch.

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But does run in 4K?

This was swiftly followed by an Xbox blog post that gives further details about the Xbox Series X Fridge.

The Xbox Fridge comes in at 400lbs (181kg), and is a 1:1 replica of the Series X, albeit standing at 6ft tall.

When you open the huge black box, The Fridge will greet you with the Xbox boot-up sound and a green hue that encapsulates your food and drink.

Alongside this post, Xbox released the Xbox Series X Fridge reveal trailer, giving fans a detailed look at this amazing product. You can check it out below:

How to win an Xbox Series X Fridge

After she received her Xbox Series X Fridge, iJustine revealed Microsoft had in fact created three of these fridges, the final of which would go to an Xbox fan.

Shortly afterwards, Xbox announced its competition for the Xbox Fridge, with fans needing to retweet the company's Xbox Series X Fridge tweet alongside #XSXFridgeSweeps.

Currently, over 172,000 accounts have retweeted the sweepstake competition, which ends on November 4.

Curiously, in the rules of the Xbox Fridge competition, Xbox revealed that it values the Fridge at $499, the same price as the Series X console.

If you don't fancy your chances in winning the Xbox Series X Fridge, however, Xbox's Aaron Greenberg may have some good news for you...

Xbox Mini-Fridge

In a recent Tweet, Xbox's Head of Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, conducted a poll for 'market research' to see if there was any interest in buying an Xbox Mini-Fridge.

Of the 36,000 votes at the time of writing, 57.2% claimed they would want to buy the product, 12.3% were not interested, and 30.4% said it would depend on the price.

While this could, of course, just be a light-hearted joke by Greenberg that doesn't lead to any product, it appears the appeal is there for a Mini-Fridge of some type. Watch this space.

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