Xbox Series X batteries: Which way around should you put the AA batteries in your controller?

The Xbox Series X is finally here, and with it come a fair number of questions.

In this article, in case you needed reminding, we're going to tell you which way around to put the AA batteries inside your Xbox Series X controller.

The presence of old-school AA batteries in the Xbox Series S/X controller may come as a surprise to some, especially if you've switched sides from the PS4 (which had a built-in rechargeable battery).

There's no such luck for gamers this time, though, so you'll need to put a pair of AA batteries into your controller like so...

Which way around do the batteries go in my Xbox Series X controller?

If you haven't used AA batteries in a while, here's the bit you need to remember: you should match up the plus to the plus, and the minus to the minus, rather than mixing and matching the two.

In case that explanation didn't make sense, here's an image of which way around your batteries should go...

which way around do batteries go in xbox series x controller
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Put your batteries in this way around, slide the protective cover back on, and you'll be playing games in no time!

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Is there an alternative to using AA batteries?

In this, the year 2020, you might not want to be using AA batteries in your controller. You might prefer to have a battery pack which you can simply plug in to recharge.

If that sounds like you, here's the good news: Microsoft does actually sell an official battery pack, to save you having to worry about AA batteries. It's sold separately.

You can click here to visit the official product page for the Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C. It costs just £19.99, which is a small price to pay for never needing to worry about AA batteries again.

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