Xbox Series S release date: When will Lockhart launch, and will it be before or after Xbox Series X?

Find out if the Xbox Series S will be out this year.

by Jason Coles

With the Xbox Series X rapidly approaching, it’s about time we started talking a bit more about the Xbox Series S, or the Lockhart.

The Xbox Series X is a fairly known quantity now, but the much-rumoured second version hasn’t been mentioned in a while.

Despite this, Sony is releasing both a diskless and a normal PS5, so it makes sense that Microsoft will probably be doing something similar.

So, what kind of things can we expect from the Xbox Series S, and when will it release?


What is the Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is meant to be the budget equivalent of the Xbox Series X.

The thing is though, we’ve not had a huge amount of information past that point, in fact, Microsoft denied it existed at all.

Despite that, we’ve seen sites talking about the specs (which are lower than the Series X but still a substantial upgrade to the current-gen), and even leaks stating that there is a reference to LockhartProfiling in the June 2020 Games Development Kit.

Basically, it’ll be a less powerful and far cheaper version of the next-gen Microsoft console.

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When will the Xbox Series S release

Well, we’ve got no firm release dates on anything next-gen as it stands. It’s all meant to be coming this year, but does that mean the Xbox Series S will?

Well, it would be odd for Microsoft to announce and then launch another console skew at this point. So it’s likely that we’d see the Series S sometime after the Xbox Series X, if only to make sure they don’t cannibalize their own sales.

That being said, it’d be odd to see it release too much later if it is a real thing. This is because production would have hypothetically already have started. It’s an incredibly strange thing, but we’d definitely not see the Xbox Series S before we get the Xbox Series X.

Jason Coles