Xbox price history: How does the Xbox Series X pricing compare to the original Xbox, the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One launch price?

Now that the Xbox Series X price has been confirmed (it'll be $499 USD or £449 GBP), you might be wondering how exactly this price tag compares to the Xbox prices of yore.

This time, of course, Microsoft has also opted to launch a cheaper option at the same time: if you're not too fussed about Teraflops, disc drives or playing in 4K, you might want to consider the Xbox Series S, which costs just $299 USD or £249 GBP.

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With that in mind, here's everything you need to know about Xbox pricing history, and how these new consoles compare to ye olden consoles, in terms of cost...

The original Xbox launch price

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The original Xbox launched in 2001 with a price point of $299 USD. Remarkably, this is the same price you'll be paying for the Xbox Series S in 2020.

Xbox 360 launch price

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The Xbox 360 also had a launch price of $299, when it hit the scene in 2005. Again, it's amazing to think that Microsoft is still offering something at this price point 15 years later.

Xbox One launch price

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The Xbox One had two price points when it launched in 2013: £499 with the Kinect camera included, or £399 without the Kinect. Either way, it was a steep step up!

Xbox One S launch price

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Then came the Xbox One S, a cheaper alternative to the Xbox One, which launched with a price tag of $299 in 2016. And all-digital version of the Xbox One S followed in 2019, going for just £249. Again, this is a pretty clear match for what the Xbox Series S will offer going forward.

Xbox One X launch price

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2017 gave us the Xbox One X, a more powerful version of the Xbox One, which launched with a price of $499. That's the same as an Xbox Series X will cost you this year.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch price

Xbox Series S vs Xbos Series X
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The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S will both launch on 10th November 2020, with the X costing $499 and the S costing $299. Basically, these are the same Xbox console prices that fans have been used to for years.

There's no massive inflation here, then, and Microsoft is even offering payment-in-instalments through the Xbox All Access program. It's just as cheap as ever, basically to get involved with Microsoft's vision for next-gen gaming.

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