VIDEO: Take your first look at PS5 loading times - they're ridiculously quick!

For months now, the speedy loadings times of the PS5 have been hyped up as an awesome new feature for Sony's next-gen console. And now we can finally see this in action!

Thanks to the high-tech SSD that is going in the console on a hardware level, we've long been told that loading times on PS5 will be much better than they were on PS4.

Keep reading to check out this video and get yourself even more hyped up for the PS5...

VIDEO: See the PS5 loading times for yourself

With Japanese YouTubers getting their first hands-on experience of the PS5, videos are starting to arrive online which show us what the console can actually do.

This video below, which was shared on Twitter, has particularly grabbed our attention. It shows a level in Godfall being loaded in just seven seconds! Check it out:

What about Xbox Series X loading times?

Microsoft's Xbox Series X will also have vastly improved loading times, compared to the previous generation's Xbox One X. And there's a video to show this upgrade, too.

In the clip below you'll see a side by side comparison of the Xbox Series X and the Xbox One X loading up the same moment in the same game. As you can see, the Xbox Series X gets into the action a lot quicker...

Again, it's down to the Xbox Series X SSD that this upgrade has been made possible. It can read data quicker than the old consoles, which means less waiting around for players and more time spent in actual games.

The next-gen future is looking bright, then! We'll keep bringing you more epic videos as they appear...

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