Gamers around the globe can't log into their Xbox Series X/S consoles: Is Xbox Live down?

With the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launching today, fans around the globe are trying to log into their brand new consoles.

However, there seems to be a problem with the Xbox Live online platform which is stopping some fans from being able to log into their new consoles.

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Keep on reading to learn more about this "can't log in to Xbox Series X" issue...

Can't log in to Xbox Series X? You're not alone

We've seen reports of this issue from random people Twitter and from on our actual colleagues on our workplace Slack - basically, we can pretty much confirm this isn't an issue that is only impacting you.

It also looks like Microsoft is already aware of the issue: if you look at Microsoft's Xbox Live Status page, you'll see that that an outage has been reported and a fix is being worked on.

And just now, Xbox Support tweeted out this update on Twitter. It sounds like users, en masse, are not able to log into Xbox Live right now...

What to do if you can't log into Xbox Live

If you've been impacted by this issue, the best thing to do is just wait for Microsoft to find a fix - of course, this isn't what any fan wants to hear right now.

If you've already managed to turn on your console and log into it, even in an offline mode, it's probably best to just keep playing your offline games and hope for a fix.

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