PS5 vs Xbox Series X size: Unboxing video and new image CONFIRM which console is bigger, in both height and width

When it comes to the battle of the PS5 vs Xbox Series X, it won’t just be the graphical capabilities or processing power that will decide the victor. 

For gamers who are a little bit more on the fence about whether to opt for Sony or Microsoft’s next offering, the size of the consoles and how well they slot into an existing home entertainment set-up could be a deciding factor. 

Whereas Sony and Microsoft’s current-gen offerings – the PS4 and Xbox One – are fairly similar in terms of size and style, their next-gen siblings couldn’t be more different. One looks like a Brutalist tower block; the other like a flattened version of Wall-E’s robotic soulmate, EVE.

But how do the two new consoles stack up in terms of size? Let’s take a closer look, with help from some brand new unboxing videos and preview articles...

New video reveals PS5 vs Xbox Series X size comparison

Now that the embargo has lifted on PS5 unboxing videos, we're starting to see footage of the console popping up around the web. And this video below, from CNET, even stacks it up right next to the Xbox Series X...

And thanks to an article from The Verge, we also have this image of the PS5 standing tall next to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S...

Just how big is the Xbox Series X?

Microsoft has now revealed the official dimensions for its new console, which are 30.1cm x 15.1cm x 15.1cm. That means the Series X is about as tall as an Xbox One stood on its side, and much chunkier overall. 

The Xbox Series X weighs in at 4.45 kg, making it slightly heavier than the Xbox One X (3.81 kg), and it has a much bigger volume than previous consoles in the Xbox family. That’s presumably to allow for more airflow and to accommodate the cutting-edge tech inside. 

As Xbox boss Phil Spencer told Gamespot, the unique design means that the Series X will “match how quiet the Xbox One X is with all that power inside of the box”.

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And how big is the PS5?

Sony has confirmed that the PS5 measures up like so: it's around 390mm (15.4 inches) tall, 260mm (10.24 inches) deep and 104mm (4.09 inches) wide.

Fans had already worked this out, though, using the side of the disc drive and the USB port to extrapolate the console's measurements.

The PS5 Digital Edition appears to be the same size as the standard PS5, albeit with a slightly smoother edge where the disc drive would be.

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Which one takes up the least space, and which is biggest?

When they stand up vertically, the PS5 is clearly taller than the Xbox Series X. But on the flip side of that: when you lie them down horizontally, the Xbox Series X looks taller than the PS5.

Both consoles might seem scarily huge, but you needn't worry too much about fitting them into your home: each of these consoles can also lay down on its side, which makes them a lot easier to slot into a cabinet or onto a shelf.

Regardless of that, however, it's hard to ignore the fact that they're btoh ruddy huge!!

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