PS5 User Interface: UI news, reveal, rumours, features, updates and more

Its now been over a week since the PS5 was first revealed, and now we've finally got a good look at the console itself, fans have turned their attention to a different aspect of the PS5- its user interface.

User interface, or UI/UX, is a crucial part of any new piece of technology, as its the first thing a person will see when loading up the device. If a console has an unimpressive UI or menu screen, potential buyers may be put off.

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We know that the Xbox Series X UI will stay pretty much the same as how it looks on the Xbox One, but what about the PS5?

Read on to find out all we know about the PlayStation 5's UI.

How Sony shown off the PS5 UI?

To put it simply, no.

As expected, the PS5 reveal event focused more on the PlayStation 5's new games, as well as the actual hardware.

The closest thing we got to a UI reveal came in the form of the console's start up sequence, which cut off just before we would have seen the PS5's dashboard.

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When will we see the PS5 UI?

Fans can expect to see the UI pretty soon, according to Matt MacLaurin, PlayStation's VP of UX Design.

In response to some questions on his LinkedIn page, MacLaurin replied to a comment asking about the UI by reassuring PS5 fans that "you'll see our stuff soon."

We can't be sure when 'soon' is, but it's likely that Sony will show off the console's UI at the next event later this year, hopefully alongside a price and concrete release date.

What will the PS5's UI look like?

We haven't had any news about what the UI will look like, but we have had a confirmation of how it WON'T look.

Matt MacLaurin again disclosed some information on his LinkedIn page about the UI, stating that it will be a "100 percent overhaul of the PS4 UI."

Of course, this could mean anything, so we won't try and speculate on the specifics of the PS5's dashboard, although we suspect that "100 percent overhaul" might be a bit of hyperbole.

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