PS5 Stock: How many PS5's are Sony making? Is there a PS5 stock shortage? PlayStation 5 production reportedly increased

The next-gen of consoles are shaping up to be the best, most powerful gaming machines ever mass-produced.

With gaming on the rise during the Covid-19 pandemic, however, fans are seriously worried that stock shortages or logistical issues may prevent them from getting the PS5 when it launches later this year.

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However, based on reports from Bloomberg, it appears fans need not worry about the stock of Sony's upcoming console. Here's what we know.

How many PS5 consoles are Sony making?

Reports from Bloomberg allege that Sony has cut its production yield by four million units following issues with its custom system-on-chip (SOC).

According to Bloomberg sources, the production yield for these SOC's is as low as 50%, hindering its ability to create the intended number of PS5 consoles. Sony has, as such, reportedly its estimation of consoles manufactured to be 11 million by the end of the fiscal year.

This follows on from previous reports from Bloomberg that suggested Sony had increased their production significantly amid gaming's surge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bloomberg's sources suggest that sustained interest in video games from a larger audience has led to increased production. Sony is predicting that should a second wave of infections occur, this interest will only grow, leading to further demand for the console.

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Digitimes also reported that according to sources from the PS5's Taiwanese backend supply chain, PS5 shipments will reach over 120 million across the next five years. For comparison, the PS4 has registered 110 million units over since its launch in 2013.

Will I get a PS5 on release day?

While the increased supply could mean more consoles are available on Day One of the PlayStation 5's release, logistical issues could prevent Sony from distributing consoles worldwide.

With consoles usually shipping from China via the sea, it can often be weeks or months before new batches of PS5's make their way to North America or Europe.

During the PS4's launch period, Sony used airlines to quickly distribute their console to consumers, but given the impact of Covid-19 on the airline industry, this may not be possible for the 2020 launch of the PS5.

However, according to Daniel Ahmad, Sony has ensured US retailers will receive their PS5 stock by chartering 60 planes from Delta for October onwards, despite the significant cost this ensues.

We'd recommend keeping an eye on all the PS5 pre-order pages to ensure you secure your console before anyone else.

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