PS5 Media Remote explained: Pre-order now, specs, features, price, release date for the PlayStation 5 remote

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The PS5 Showcase has been and gone, and left us with that all important price and release date!

The good news is that we've also got prices for all the accessories, including the understated, but stylish PS5 media remote!

Price confirmed as pre-orders go live

You can now pre-order the media remote for PS5 from GAME - click here to do just that, if you like. It comes in at £24.99, and is a stylish and minimal addition to your entertainment setup!

Alternatively, you could order from Amazon, where orders have gone live at this link right here.

BUY NOW:PS5 Media Remote is available on Amazon

PS5 Media Remote manual leak

The Media Remote's manual has reportedly leaked, according to reports from TrustedReviews. The manual details the purpose of the four previously unmarked buttons towards the bottom of the remote, which are to be used for Spotify, Netflix, YouTube and Disney+.

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Image: Tecnoblog

PS5 Media Remote specs

Uh, yes? We don't know much about the specs of the PS5 Media Remote. We can see from the design though that some things have changed since the PS4 iteration.

For example, there don't appear to be any face buttons (triangle circle and co) on the controller, which is an interesting detail.

It's likely the battery life will be pretty good, and presumably, it'll be rechargeable too.

PS5 Media Remote features

Aside from things like being wireless and sharing the same retro-futuristic look of the console and DualSense controller, we know few additional things about the features.

Owners of the remote will be able to turn on their PS5 with the remote, as well as navigate through the PlayStation 5's menus.

PS5 family range of playstation 5 products official headset media remote
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Alongside some of the other PS5 products!

There are all the buttons you'd expect from a Media Remote, but there are also currently four unmarked buttons at the bottom which, if the leaked manual is real, will be used for streaming and video services.

It also features a built-in microphone to allow for voice commands, which is nice.

You can see a full 360° view of the Media Remote on the official PlayStation website.

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