PS5 HD Camera explained: PRE-ORDER NOW, specs, features, price and release date for the PlayStation 5 webcam

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The PS5 release date and price has now been revealed! And alongside it, the awesome accessories that come with it are now available to pre-order!

Let's take a look at the brilliant PS5 HD Camera...

Price confirmed as pre-orders go live

You can get guarantee your PS5 HD camera right now by pre-ordering, and the camera will only set you back an affordable £49.99!

Alternatively, you could order one from Amazon, where orders have gone live at this link.

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PS5 HD Camera specs

We know that the PS5 HD Camera has two 1080p lenses on it. This means it's likely to allow players to stream in far higher quality than before.

It's also likely to be able to cover a wide view of the area, and potentially do some funky stuff thanks to the dual lenses.

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PS5 HD Camera features

Aside from the dual lenses, we don't know much here. It doesn't look as though the camera is adjustable, nor does it appear to have a microphone at all.

It's possible that you can digitally adjust the images using an app of some sort.

It's also quite possible that this is the first hint we have about the future of PSVR, as an improved camera could allow for a better VR experience.

When will it release?

The camera will release alongside the PS5 on the 12 November or 19 November depending on which country you're residing.

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