PS5 DualSense Charging Station Price: How much will the PS5 controller dock cost?

Find out how much you’ll have to pay for this new PS5 peripheral.

by Oliver Barsby

A whole host of PS5 accessories were shown off at the PS5 reveal event last night, overshadowed by the reveal of the PS5 console and games.

One of these accessories was an official DualSense Charging Station– a peripheral that usually comes from unofficial partners after the launch of a new console.

Charging docks are a handy way to charge your controllers without having wires all over the place. They also act as a great stand for your new DualSense controllers.

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However, given that the PS5 is already likely to be pretty expensive, is it worth buying the Charging Station?


How much will the DualSense Charging Station cost?

The most popular DualShock charging stations are sold by third-party companies for around £15-20.

However, as these are only licensed products rather than officially branded, it’s likely that the official PlayStation product will be more expensive, especially at launch.

We haven’t had any official update on the price of any PlayStation 5 products yet, but based on past products and the branding, we can expect the dock to come in at around £30-40.

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What else do we know about the DualSense Charging Station?

While the new PlayStation controllers will charge through a USB-C connection at the top of the controller, the charging dock will not use this port. Instead it will work more like Nintendo Switch dock and charge the next-gen controller from the bottom.

Much like the PlayStation 5 and the other accessories, the Charging Station comes in a two-tone black and white colour, fitting into the PS5 aesthetic perfectly.

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Oliver Barsby