PS5 Digital Edition price: How much will the disc-free version cost, and will it come in black?

If you're wondering about the PS5 Digital Edition price, you've come to the right place!

With both the PS5 Standard Edition and the PS5 Digital Edition now gaining official prices by Sony after the event on the 16th September - the arrival of next-gen tech is only now starting to seem real.

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Along with the standard PS5, complete with a disc port, the Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 is also on the way from November 12th! And with rumours of a black PS5 console growing in intensity, it's starting to sound like a jet black colour scheme could be an option with the PS5 Digital Edition.

Read on to find out more about the PS5 Digital Edition..

How much will the PS5 Digital Edition cost in the UK?

After the event on the 16th September, the Digital Edition was confirmed to cost £359.99, while in other regions translates to $399.99 and €399.99.

Pre-orders for the PS5's Digital Edition officially opened on September 17, although select retailers went live with pre-orders slightly earlier late on September 16.

The PS5's Digital Edition sold out incredibly fast from many sites, as VGC reported many retailers having a low stock of the Digital Edition to begin with, especially compared to the normal, more expensive PS5.

The PS5 Digital Edition is now live on Amazon, although given the fluidity of the pre-order situation, it's likely that you may see a 'Currently Unavailable' message alongside the console as Amazon moves to restock.

Elsewhere, Argos has confirmed its pre-orders for the PS5 will go live tomorrow, on September 18, so stay tuned!

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Will the PS5 Digital Edition come in black?

While we haven't had official confirmation of a black PS5 yet, we're pretty confident that its coming, especially after Sony revealed the black DualSense controller.

Furthermore, this leaked image has been doing the rounds on ResetEra, although not everyone is convinced that it's real...

black ps5 leaked image confirmed
expand image

Could this mean that a plain black PS5 is in the pipeline, perhaps as an option for late adopters that don't buy the white one at launch?

Only time will tell, but we'd say it seems likely that the white-and-black PS5 won't be the only option... at least not in the long term.

Even though it's not been announced yet, we can expect that if Sony does produce a black PS5, there will be a black Digital Edition too.

There's likely to be no difference in the price between the black and white consoles, so you may be able to buy a 'Black' variant of the PS5 for £359.99 as well.

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