PS5 day off: 66% of fans are taking time off work for PlayStation 5 launch day

Today marks the start of the next-gen console wars; the ninth generation, with the Xbox Series S/X releasing to the masses.

However, while many fans are in the midst of enjoying the new consoles from Microsoft, others are patiently waiting for the PlayStation 5.

Which is why you may see far less of your colleagues on the work Slack, Discord or even in the office between the 12th and 19th of November, as recruitment experts ‘Executives’ have drawn up.

With holiday days available, they have alluded to many already booking time off so they can spend all day with their new console.

A Day of Rest

Based in Lincoln, the company have drawn up some interesting statistics which seems to suggest that up to 66% of PlayStation users have booked the launch day off work.

Looking at the stats, a day off can cost a company £121, just under a quarter of the value to a PlayStation 5. This may not seem like a huge figure to some, but to a small business, it could impact them in time, jobs needing to be complete, and important meetings that could be missed.

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A day off seemingly well spent.

However, an extended four-day weekend from the 12th November can be tempting to many, especially as England are in the middle of a second lockdown. Looking at Reddit only enforces this point, with many already planning this.

Granted, many will be avoiding this option, and will instead be waiting to unbox and play the console after work, as the post also states, but there is another method which we simply don’t recommend.

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Off Sick with PS5-Glee

Calling up the boss to say that you’ve got a cough on the 12th may be unconvincing to say the least, especially if they are also a gamer.

Mo Alexander, the Head of Recruitment at the company, said: “...What is surprising is that 2% of PlayStation fans are planning on calling in sick to work so that they can play all day. It’s a dangerous tactic as getting caught ‘pulling a sicky’ almost always results in disciplinary action. 

“The new PlayStation console launch only comes around every seven years or so, so I can understand why fans are excited, but I could never recommend faking a sick day for it, or any other reason!”

It’s an interesting thought overall while we wait for our new consoles to arrive, especially as it may be the only next-gen launch that involves a pandemic. However, always book the day off, never take it off sick with a cough if it falls on a console, movie, or even album launch.

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