PS5 controller video: new, leaked, concept and fake videos of the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller

We're still waiting on that killer PS5 controller video to get us all aboard the hype train.

After all, Sony is yet to reveal any official video footage of the PS5 controller in action.

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For now, there are a few fan-made videos to look out for in your pursuit of all things DualSense.

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Keep reading to check out these unofficial PS5 controller video attempts that could help build your hype...

New PS5 controller video

Right now, there is no official video from Sony showing off the new DualSense PS5 controller. However, there are plenty of rundowns of its features and potential applications around.

Check out this new PS5 controller video courtesy of IGN, which handily lists all the new features in under 90 seconds.

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PS5 controller concept video

Prior to the official announcement of DualSense in April 2020, plenty of artists tried their hand at putting together a concept for the PS5 controller. One of our favourites comes courtesy of Giuseppe Spinelli, who took the DualShock 4 and added several features to supercharge it for next-gen. Check out his PS5 controller concept below.

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PS5 controller video leaked?

In the wake of the DualSense PS5 controller's announcement, fans have been waiting to see the new joypad in action. Many have asked, has an officail PS5 controller video leaked? This is likely to come later in the year, as Sony gears up towards the console's release (assuming it's not delayed).

But that hasn't stopped the rumour mill turning. Here's a video that shows off an incredibly futuristic DualSense controller, which made the rounds on social media purporting to be legit. (Spoiler -- it's not!)

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Fake PS5 controller video

With any announcement, there are sure to be rumours and hoaxes. Case in point, there are many fake PS5 controller videos on the internet right now.

For now, check out the evolution of PlayStation controllers over the years below, courtesy of our friends at RealSport. This is the only thing you can be sure of right now!

For more info about the PS5 controller, be sure to follow Stealth Optional's dedicated PS5 controller hub!

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