PS5 controller price: how much will a PlayStation 5 controller cost in the UK, the USA, Pakistan or India?

With the PS5 controller having been officially revealed, it's only natural to start wondering about how the PS5 controller price.

How much will a PS5 controller cost? After all, Sony will probably only package one with the console, so you'll need to buy a second PS5 controller if you want to play locally with your friends in a multiplayer way.

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If you're wondering about the PS5 controller price in the UK, the USA, Pakistan or India, you've come to the right place.

With the PS5 controller price in mind, we've tried our best to help you guess what it'll be in the region of your choice...

PS5 controller price UK

Much like the PS5 price, the PS5 controller price is currently being kept a mystery - Sony did not reveal a price tag when it officially unveiled the controller.

It seems likely that the DualSense will cost just as much, if not more, than the DualShock 4. That current-gen PS4 controller would currently set you back around £50 on Amazon.

You can expect to the PS5 controller price in the UK to be at least £50 GBP, then, as a bare minimum!

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PS5 controller price USA

The official PlayStation website suggests that a PS4 controller would currently set you back just shy of $60 from most retailers.

With that mind, it seems safe to assume that $60 USD will be the lowest possible PS5 controller price in the USA.

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PS5 controller price India

The official Sony website in India says that a DualShock 4 PS4 controller would currently cost you 5,050 MRP.

Bearing that in mind, you can expect 5,050 MRP to be the absolute minimum PS5 controller price in India.

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PS5 controller price Pakistan

If you wanted to buy a PS4 controller in Pakistan, sums up the situation like so: "The Lowest price of Dualshock Wireless Controller in Pakistan is Rs. 5,299, and estimated average price is Rs. 6,532."

You can expect the PS5 controller price in Pakistan to either sit somewhere in that region, or perhaps even exceed it a bit. After all, this all depends on whether Sony decides to make the PS5 controller the exact same as the PS4 controller in terms of price.

If Sony did match the price of the PS5 controller to the price of the PS4 controller, that would be a popular move among fans. As an alternative, Sony could opt to make the PS5 controller a tad more expensive, making the general public cover a bit of those next-gen development costs - which can't have been cheap!

For more info about the PS5 controller, be sure to follow Stealth Optional's dedicated PS5 controller hub!

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