PS5 black faceplates: Dbrand reveals black faceplates, prepares to fight Sony

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The tech skin-maker dbrand has shown off its matte black PlayStation 5 faceplates for the first time in a Reddit post.

The announcement comes after PlayStation previously forced another faceplate manufacturer to cease its production of PS5 faceplates.

For everything you need to know about dbrand's black plates, and whether they will make their way onto the market, keep reading...

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Dbrand black faceplates revealed

Dbrand's Reddit post introducing its matte black faceplate gave us an insight into dbrand's production process.

"The skills we’ve refined through the past few years of developing the Grip Case has uniquely positioned our organization to create OEM-grade Faceplates," said dbrand. The company promised the faceplates will be created with "all of the precision, attention to detail, and needlessly elaborate packaging that you've come to expect from brand."

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This announcement comes after dbrand warned consumers away from buying PS5 skins, commenting: "Skinning this thing f***ing sucks."

"We’ve seen you assholes try to apply the corner of a smartphone skin. Trust us when we say you can’t handle an application that’s 9x the size," dbrand said. "The truth here is that we have no interest in selling a product that will generate a dozen customer complaints for every purchase."

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Will Sony shutdown dbrand's faceplate manufacturing?

Dbrand is willing to fight Sony over its production of black faceplates, captioning its image of a faceplate with "Sue us, Sony."

Responding to a comment that asked whether dbrand was concerned about Sony taking them down, dbrand said: "We encourage them to try."

From this, it seems dbrand is ready to face a legal battle against Sony over faceplate manufacturing. Given it is a much larger company than the smaller faceplate manufacturers previously forced to shutdown, its more likely to be able to afford such legal action.

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Dbrand black faceplate release date

Dbrand said they would be "entering mass production on PS5 Faceplates by year's end", meaning that production has already started.

However, the company did not give a firm release date for its product, commenting that they won't even be accepting any orders until it has stock ready to ship.

"If CD Projekt RED has taught us anything, it's that selling products before they're finished is a bad idea," dbrand said.

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Dbrand black faceplate price

As with the release date, dbrand has not revealed the pice of its black faceplates.

Looking at its PlayStation 4 products, a skin for the top of a PS4 console costs $13.95. It's likely that the PS5 matte black faceplates will be considerably more expensive than the PS4 skin given that it requires much more material to produce, alongside the PS5's large size.

Dbrand black faceplate pre-order

As dbrand said in its original Reddit announcement, the company is not currently taking any orders for its matte black faceplates.

If you go to dbrand's website here, you can sign up for email notifications that will alert you when the faceplates go live.

However, dbrand has also reassured fans not to worry about stock levels. "We anticipate that the demand will outpace supply at launch," it said. "But rest assured Faceplates will be a permanent fixture in our portfolio."

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