PS5 beta testing: Watch out for this SCAM advert, and learn how to sign up to be a PlayStation tester

With the PS5’s release edging ever closer, so too is the exciting prospect of beta testing. Sony will want to iron out all the creases in its next-gen console before it’s unleashed upon the world later this year. That means they’ll need some eager gamers to try it out first.

Beta testing is an incredibly important part of a new product launch. Much like test screenings for movies, it’s a key part of development. It’s also a win-win situation. The audience gets a free sneak peek, and the developers get valuable and actionable feedback before the product’s release.

So, when it comes to a product as hotly anticipated as the PlayStation 5, it’s fair to say there’s no shortage of volunteers keen to take part in beta testing and find out what the new console has to offer.

Unfortunately, that’s music to the ears of online scammers. Many are already aiming to use that enthusiasm to trick PlayStation fans into giving up their personal data and their well-earned cash. 

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How to avoid PS5 beta testing scams

With all the excitement surrounding the PS5’s imminent release, scammers are already using the event as a means of conning people. You may have already seen adverts circulating on social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. These ads offer money or a reward in return for participating in beta testing. You can see an example below…

Basically, if you see an ad for PS5 beta testing on social media, it’s a fake. The fact that these ads are often so badly designed is a bit of a giveaway, but don’t let the more professional-looking ones deceive you, either.

It’s worth remembering that beta-testing is not paid. Sony would never offer payment in exchange for testing out its new tech – let’s face it, you’re already getting a pricey bit of kit for free, as well as exclusive early access. Beta testing is not advertised, either. There’s no shortage of potential testers, so why would Sony need to?

The prospect of getting to try out a PS5 before its release might be a dream come true. But the only way of becoming a beta tester is to apply directly through Sony’s official PlayStation website. You can register your interest here. 

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