'Listen with Sony' livestream scheduled for 6 August - what this means for the PlayStation 5

Sony has announced its plans to hold a music-focused on 6 August 2020- the same day that the latest PlayStation 5 reveal event was alleged to take place, according to rumours.

As Sony's technology business encompasses a variety of industries, it is unlikely that this event is related to the PlayStation 5.

However, its timings have implications for the rumoured State of Play, where fans hoped to learn more about upcoming PS5 games, the price and release date.

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What is the 'Listen with Sony' event?

We currently know very little about what the Listen with Sony event entails, with Sony yet to promote it on their social media channels.

The event's page is now live on Sony's official YouTube channel, scheduled to kick off at 4 PM BST (11 AM EDT) on August 6.

The only details we have about the event come from the description, teasing that "Something exciting is coming your way."

However, Sony's Japanese website gives away a few hints about what to expect, using the tagline "Wait 4 something exciting." The event's announcement is also listed under the headphones category.

From this, it's likely we'll see Sony announce their wireless XM4 headphones.

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What does this mean for the PS5?

We can't categorically rule out an appearance from PlayStation-related tech, especially with their focus on 3D Audio, including the release of their Pulse 3D PS5 headset.

Aside from this, it's unlikely Sony will disclose any other details about the PS5.

The date of the music-focused event does, however, seemingly contradict claims from leakers that slated the next PS5 event for 6 August.

Sources of this rumour are now stepping back from their claims that the event would take place next week. Prolific 'leaker' Roberto Serrano now suggests the event will take place on 13 August instead.

As Serrano has made numerous false assertions about upcoming PlayStation events, including suggesting PS5 pre-orders would open in early June, we'd take this with a pinch of salt, as it's more likely to just be a prediction at this point.

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