How many FPS will PS5 have?: What frame rate can the PlayStation 5 handle?

Despite 2020’s obvious shortcomings, it’s still shaping up to be a big year for gamers. And for good reason: the next generation of games consoles look set to be heading our way in late 2020.

With Sony’s PlayStation 5 looking to raise the bar above and beyond the current-gen PS4, one of the things people will have their eagle eye on is the new machine’s graphical capabilities. And, alongside image resolution, one of the biggest indicators of this will be how the PS5 fares in terms of frame rate capability.

The current baseline for a game’s frame rate – basically, how smoothly the graphics run – is 30 frames per second (or ‘fps’). But it’s looking increasingly likely to be the case that with next-generation power comes next-generation visual splendour.

So, just how high a frame rate will the PS5 be able to process? Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

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How many FPS can the PS5 handle?

When it launches, the PS5 will be the most powerful games console that Sony has ever produced. Many industry folk are expecting it to rival even the most high-spec gaming PCs in terms of graphical abilities.  

Generally speaking, the higher the frame rate, the smoother the moving image on your display will be. But an individual game’s frame rate is mostly dictated by the game itself, rather than the console it’s running on. In other words, it’s up to developers to decide which frame rate will best suit the intended playing experience.

This is dependent on the options available to them, though. While current-gen consoles such as the PS4 Pro can support games running at 60fps, it usually means making concessions on quality of graphics. This means they’ll likely be lower-resolution than those of a game running at 30fps.

Thanks to the PS5’s advanced graphics processing unit (GPU), it’s suggested that the new hardware will be able to support improved performance without sacrificing graphical quality. This means that we’ll likely see more 4K games running at 60fps than 30fps, with the former becoming the new standard.

However, recent rumours suggest that the PS5 console could be capable of delivering frame rates up to a whopping 120fps.

Some developers have hinted that upcoming games will carry a 120fps option, making for an incredibly smooth gaming experience. That would require some serious processing power under the hood. Will the PS5 be up to the task? Watch this space...

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