PSA: DualSense microphone reduces haptic feedback and adaptive triggers intensity

Following the launch of the PlayStation 5 console in November, the DualSense controller has been widely praised by gamers and critics alike for its revolutionary haptic feedback and adaptive triggers technology.

While it has come under fire for some alleged joystick drift in recent weeks, these features still ensure the DualSense is perceived as one of the best console controllers currently on the market.

However, if you use the PlayStation 5 controller's built-in microphone then you might not be getting the best out of these features...

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PS5 Controller Built-In Mic causes problems

When the DualSense was first revealed in early 2020, the built-in mic function seemed like quite a nifty idea. Fast forward to February 2021 and a few games of Destruction All-Stars, which previously did not let you mute players, and I'm not so sure.

However, it seems there is another flaw in using the DualSense's microphone. As reported by MakeUseOf, using the built-in microphone will weaken the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers intensity.

The reasoning behind this does make sense. If you're using the built-in mic, the DualSense's trigger resistance or rumble pack could easily bleed into the background noise, frustrating your teammates into muting you.

As such, when using voice chat, these features will switch from 'Strong' intensity to 'Weak'.

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How to stop this happening

Despite the logic behind this, you still might want to make use of the full haptic feedback and adaptive triggers the DualSense has to offer - especially if you're used to the strong intensity settings.

The easiest way to do this is to not use the built-in microphone. You can mute this by pressing the small button underneath the PlayStation logo, which will light up when muted. Alternatively, you can plug in some headphones and use those instead, which I would highly recommend doing anyway.

If you want to use the built-in microphone, it appears there is no way to change the vibration or trigger effect intensity. When you go to your Controller Settings on the PS5, it states: "When you're using the microphone on your controller, the intensity is set to [Weak]" with no way to seemingly override this.

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There are four intensity settings: Strong, Medium, Weak and Off.

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