Does the PS5 come with a headset? Is the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset included with the PlayStation 5?

The PS5 has been revealed a few times now, all in various stages, and one of the key things that Sony like to talk about is how it'll elevate your gaming experience.

Your senses are set to be besieged by the new ways to immerse yourself in the worlds you like playing in.

Your eyes will be treated to stunning new visuals, your hands will be stunned by the output of the DualSense controller, and your ears will hear things in a brand-new way thanks to 3D audio.

So, er, will the PS5 come with a headset to be able to hear this then?

Will the PS5 come with a Pulse 3D wireless headset?

Will Sony give away a brand-new fancy headset alongside their new console. The answer to that question is no, with Sony confirming that its snazzy headset will be sold separately.

The Pulse 3D wireless headset was revealed alongside some other peripherals at an event earlier in the year. It's fancy looking, and will probably be an integral part of the experience on PS5.

There's an argument to be made that because it's almost essential, it should come with the PS5, but we know now that it won't.

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What is 3D Audio?

The full name of this is Tempest 3D AudioTech, and it aims to replicate sound as though it's all around you. Think surround sound but more.

How does that work? Well, currently there are different ear archetypes you can select to help this all work. The aim being you choose one similar to your own to get the best experience.

Though, it's worth noting that Sony did also say that you could tailor it to yourself potentially, saying, "Maybe you’ll be sending us a video of your ears and your head, and we’ll make a 3D model of them and synthesise the HRTF".

That's a little weird, but definitely very interesting... but no, you won't be getting a headset in the box with your PS5 console.

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