Can I download PS4 games on PS5? Will digital PS4 copies come with you onto PlayStation 5?

Backwards compatibility is a big thing now. This is largely due to Microsoft and their drive to keep their games playable forever.

Thanks to that push and the positive reception it received, we know that the PS5 will also have backwards compatibility.

What we don't know though, is how exactly that's going to work. Will it just be discs, will it be digital, will it involve ancient arcane magicks currently unknown to the world?

Well, here's what we think is the most likely answer.

Will digital PS4 games be playable on PS5

Despite there being no official word on this (thanks Sony), there is one very important sign that almost guarantees that you'll be able to download your PS4 games on your PS5.

That sign is, of course, the existence of an all-digital PS5.

It is highly unlikely that Sony would put out a diskless model and also talk about how important backwards compatibility is in the PS5 if they weren't going to support the digital side of things.

So, in all likelihood, yes, you should be able to download all of your digital PS4 games to your PS5. Well, maybe not all…

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Which PS4 games will be playable on PS5

This is where things get really interesting. Initially, Mark Cerny stated that most of the top 100 PS4 games would be backwards compatible.

Things then got updated via a blog post from sony which stated that over 4,000 titles will actually be playable on PS5, which is an awful lot. However, there's no actual list, so we don't know for sure that your personal favourite will be playable.

It's almost guaranteed that the first-party titles will be available, but what about the niche titles like I Am Toast, or Terraria? Well, we'll have to wait for more news on it, but there's a good chance everything will be eventually.

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