4K games on PS5: How a '4K Collection' of classic HD releases could save the PlayStation 5

Back on the PlayStation 3, there were constant ‘HD Collection’ releases of past PlayStation 2 games. From Jak and Daxter to Metal Gear Solid, only a few saw release on PlayStation 4.

These were a perfect way of porting the games to a native high-resolution, and also in widescreen to benefit all the televisions that have those two features as standard.

But as we head into the PlayStation 5, it could be time to resurrect these releases but as an upscaled ‘4K Collection’, to better take advantage of the console and the newer 4K televisions that many are starting to own.

With that, lets see what games could benefit from a re-release, especially due to Sony’s reluctance on backwards-compatibility.

Metal Gear 4K Collection?

Sometimes, you just need to know when you’re beaten, and Sony’s backwards-compatibility stance is a fine example. Their reluctance to not have your PS1 games play on the PlayStation 5 is a shame, but something that just won’t be occurring.

Which is why the ‘HD Collection’ from the PS3 era is something to look at. These were collections of past games from the PS2 era that were natively ported to the console. Benefits of HD resolutions, textures, and trophies justified the extra buy.

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Imagine the PS5 box art and ‘4K’ instead of ‘HD’ here.

Even though the Metal Gear HD Collection is available on the Xbox Series S/X from day one, a fresh re-release of them on PS5 is a tantalising thought. But even Jak and Daxter, God of War 1-3, even Tekken 4 and 5 could all see 4K ports on PlayStation 5 as ‘exclusives’.

But the question will be the price of these. There was some eyebrows raised with Nintendo’s ‘Mario All Stars’ at £49.99, but the standard of the three Mario games more than justified it. Here, it could be more of a challenge. If they were aimed at a £19.99 price point, it could be a competitive advantage here.

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What are the chances of it occurring?

This is probably the most-likely path that Sony will go down. They almost reflect Nintendo in this, with sporadic releases of past games.

But I suspect that Sony want the PlayStation 5 to stand on it as own for at least six months, with the games and the console making its own path as the next-gen console war goes on.

But there will be a time when the thought of playing Metal Gear Solid 2 and Jak and Daxter in native 4K officially will be too difficult to resist. People will be willing to pay, especially if there are exclusive benefits, such as new trophies or even new levels.

Sony aren’t blind to the opportunity here; if backwards-compatibility is something they don’t see as a viable business, packaging up a HD Collection in a higher native resolution will be their best bet. It just depends if players are happy to pay again.

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