Zuckerberg is hiring more Metaverse developers after 11,000 layoffs

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has gone all-in on developing the virtual world of The Metaverse leading to the firing of 11,000 employees. However, the tech giant billionaire is still finding room to hire more people for his disastrous pet project.

Over the past few months, Meta’s valuation has shrunk by billions. Investors in the social media company have warned against the CEO’s money-burning on Metaverse development

Nevertheless, the Metaverse is a drug that The Zuck can’t quite quit. After mass layoffs at the company, more positions have opened for the tech giant’s Reality Labs division.

Reported by Dot.LA, the company is actively hiring for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality roles in Los Angeles. The multiple job Iistings call for new “metamates” to help build Mark Zuckerberg’s virtual world for him.

Firstly, Meta is looking for an art manager for its virtual reality avatars. The current state of Meta avatars have seen massive backlash and ridicule from thousands online. This role will help to create the company’s newly designed virtual reality avatars.

Additionally, Meta is also looking to hire a technical artist that will help to create the virtual world’s “lighting workload”. Hopefully, this will help to eliminate the current limitations of the virtual world’s horrendously flat lighting. (Honestly, it looks awful.)

It’s far from surprising that Mark Zuckerberg is still prioritising the Metaverse teams over other platforms. The CEO reportedly has his ego set on making sure that the company’s virtual and augmented reality teams succeed.

However, even current Meta employees are unhappy with the current version of its Metaverse software. The development team has been chastised for refusing to use the platform that it’s developing.

Despite hiring new faces to work on the virtual world, Meta has still laid off thousands of employees. With this in mind, the team building The Metaverse for Zuckerberg will likely still be smaller than before.

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