Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon video game to be revealed at Gamescom

zack snyder rebel moon video game to be revealed at gamescom
Credit: Netflix

zack snyder rebel moon video game to be revealed at gamescom
Credit: Netflix

Zack Snyder continues to be one of the most popular filmmakers out there, despite how divisive some of his movies are. The Justice League director is now taking a detour to gaming, as it looks like he will announce his Rebel Moon video game at this year’s Gamescom.

Geoff Keighley confirmed that the Batman V Superman director will be making a special appearance on Gamescom’s Opening Night live. Keighley confirms that the director will talk about Rebel Moon and make a “special announcement,” which might be the sci-fi movie’s tie-in game.

Snyder previously confirmed that an RPG based on his sci-fi film was in the works. Although he couldn’t confirm what kind of RPG it would be, the director did say it would be on the “ridiculous scale.”

“I don’t wanna do a casual [game],” Snyder said on The Nerd Queens Podcast. “I’ve always wanted to do an RPG, but they were like, ‘We can do it this way [small scale]… or we can do it at ridiculous scale.’ I was like, ‘Go! Ridiculous scale is clearly the scale that we’re doing it!’”

Despite working on a lot of nerdy media projects, Zack Snyder hasn’t been too involved in the world of video games. There was a PS3 and Xbox 360-era Watchman game that was based on his film adaptation. Fans will also remember a PSP game based on the 300 film Snyder directed.

With Snyder announcing more details about Rebel Moon in Gamescom, maybe we can finally get details on this tie-in video game. Considering how he already confirmed that the game exists, all we can do is hope that the RPG lives up to expectations.

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Rebel Moon is currently scheduled for release on December 22. The movie is going to be a two-part sci-fi epic coming to Netflix.

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