Yu-Gi-Oh creator Kazuki Takahashi died a hero, attempting to save drowning people

Earlier this year, it was discovered that Yu-Gi-Oh creator Kazuki Takahashi had passed away. The beloved manga author’s death was deemed to be an accident as he fell victim to a riptide. However, it seems the author died a hero.

How did Yu-Gi- Oh creator Kazuki Takahashi die?

Stars & Stripes, the Department of Defence’s news service, revealed more details about the situation. In a report, it was revealed that a U.S. Army Officer attended the same riptide that took Takahashi’s life.

The Army Soldier— Major Robert Bourgeau — has been rewarded for “rescuing three people from a riptide at a popular Okinawa dive spot”. The officer reportedly spotted civilians and another soldier struggling and went to save them.

However, Bourgeau wasn’t the only person trying to help. “Several sworn witnesses” claim that Yu-Gi-Oh creator Kazuki Takahashi jump into the riptide to save people. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful.

Takahashi’s rescue attempts did not last long. Witnesses claim they only “caught glimpses of him until he disappeared beneath the waves.” The riptide consisted of six-foot waves and a whirlpool; Bourgeau only survived as he was a trained diving instructor.

Speaking of the Yu-Gi-Oh creator, Bourgeau said: “He’s a hero. He died trying to save someone else.”

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Major Bourgeau rewarded

For his heroic actions, Major Robert Bourgeau has been rewarded. The United States soldier has been recommended for a Soldier’s Medal. However, the soldier has not been given the award at the time of writing.

Nevertheless, the soldier has been “recognised” for his heroic actions. Hopefully, the soldier will actually receive the medal that they’re recommended for.

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