YouTubers mod Tesla Model 3 into an apocalyptic tank for the dystopian future

In a move ripped straight out of Mad Max or Fallout, a team of car modders have transformed a family friendly Tesla Model 3 into a post-apocalyptic tank. If you ever needed a badlands vehicle with huge panel gaps, this might be a great fit.

The modded Model 3 is designed just like a vehicle out of dystopic fiction. However, does the vehicle still drive, or do uncomfortable modern business practices seek to ruin this beautiful experience?

YouTubers create modded Tesla Model 3 Tank

Created by German YouTubers Real Life Guys, the popular Tesla was converted from a Model 3 to aunique Model T - Model Tank, of course. Using the existing car's already commendable amount of torque, the YouTubers were able to create an impressively versatile off-road vehicles.

To create their impressive Tesla Tank, the YouTubers modded the wheels to hold huge treads, weighing 1.3 tonnes on each side. Creating a custom mechanism of wheels, springs and gears, the Model 3 was able move the huge chain mechanism, transforming the vehicle into a massive tank.

Getting the treads onto the electric car was not easy. Initially, the engineers attempted to mount the wheels using a homemade ramp. However, eventually the creators ended up investing in a scissor lift to finish the project. 

The modded Tesla Model 3 has yet to be driven off-road. However, the car does successfully drive on flat ground, as well as through wood. Could this vehicle be the best off-road Tesla?

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Well, no warranty for you 

Of course, Tesla has not be great to modders in the past that attempt to sort their vehicles. In fact, the company has proven its strict nature numerous times, but mostly towards software modding. 

For example, Tesla’s are typically substantially better in hardware than the base model allows. However, users are expected to pay extra to turn on things like faster acceleration, better battery, heated seats, et cetera. 

If a software modded hanks their way into these features, Tesla reacts quickly. The company has been known for blocking modders from being able to use superchargers to change their cars outside. 

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