YouTuber's Game Boy Wide brings the retro thickness we've always wanted

Have you ever used a Game Boy Advance and thought, “I wish this was girthier!” Well, have we got the product for you! Introducing: Game Boy Wide! It's everything you thought you liked about the GBA back in 2001, but much wider!

Created by YouTuber The Retro Future, this affront to the Gaming God is exactly what you'd think it is. It's a Game Boy Advance put through rack, tortured until its horizontal measurements are stretched.

Game Boy Wide? More like Game Boy Why? Seriously, why?

Just like all of the best supervillains, The Retro Future committed this heinous act for no reason at all. Previously, the YouTuber made a longer version of the original big-brick Game Boy for fun. Ever since, fans have been asking for a wider Game Boy follow up.

The YouTuber repurposed two GBA shells to fuel the pet project. Over a few days, he used a Dremel to cut two GBAs. After a lot of gluing, filling and sanding, the two Game Boys became one bigger, wider Game Boy.

Some hackjobs like this end up looking very rough, but The Retro Future’s Game Boy Wide looks almost professional. It's hard to imagine that this mutation of a beloved retro handheld isn't 3D printed; it looks so smooth!

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This isn't the first time

The Retro Future has often played God with Nintendo's handhelds. Outside of the taller OG Gameboy and Game Boy Wide, the YouTuber has made a large collection of other monstrosities. For example, the YouTuber has made a single-screened DS and a dual-screen GBA SP.

In all serious, The Retro Future’s latest Nintendo mod is pretty hilarious. Hopefully, we'll end up seeing more weird Game Boy hacks sometime in the future. Maybe a Game Boy Deep?

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