YouTuber creates 'Macinstosh Studio' from iPad Mini and Mac Studio

iPad Mini inside a 3D printed dock paired with the Mac Studio
Credit: Scott Yu-Jan

iPad Mini inside a 3D printed dock paired with the Mac Studio
Credit: Scott Yu-Jan


  • YouTuber Scott Yu-Jan has developed a 3D-printed dock that combines the Mac Studio and the iPad Mini
  • It’s equipped with a storage area for hard drives, as well as an eject button to remove and install the iPad Mini
  • The design is inspired by the original Macintosh, and you can access the design files via his YouTube membership

The world of 3D printing is very exciting, giving creators and users an interesting way to develop ways to handle broken products, or passionately create new ways to view your existing tech. That's exactly what this latest design is, combining the iPad Mini and Mac Studio to create an excellent looking 'Macintosh Studio'.

As cute as it is exciting, Scott Yu-Jan developed the idea out of necessity. In his own words, "The Mac Studio takes up a lot of space of room on my desk", and as for the tablet, Yu-Jan said he has been "wanting a dock for my iPad Mini", and to have the iPad as an external monitor to use it more often.

Inspired by the original Macintosh, much like the recent AYANEO AM01 Mini PC, the design uses a variety of neat tricks to become an exciting second monitor. By using screen mirroring, Yu-Jan is able to put videos or Spotify onto the iPad Mini, while it stays fully charged. It even features an ejection button that doubles as a soft entry to make replacing the iPad Mini safer.

Yu-Jan also included an area within the dock that could hold old hard drives, letting him access and equip different hard drives as and when he needs. He mentions later in the video that, due to the similar top dimensions, the design could be adjusted for the Mac Mini. However, this may need some further adjustments for the eject button and other features that work well with the Studio.

Before you go and find out how much a 3D printer is so you can combine your electronics, you may have to factor in a membership cost. While the design files are available (and tweakable) for your own use, Scott Yu-Jan has made it a part of his YouTube membership, but we'd argue it's certainly worth it.

We love the design of this dock, and combining two brilliant pieces of tech into one that doesn't compromise on either's value is incredible. We're excited to see an adjusted version for the Mac Mini, but if you have an iPad Mini and a Mac Studio that you're annoyed about, it may be time to combine them together.

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