Your iPhone Can Finally Play PS1 Games, a Decade After Android Could

Gamma PS1 emulator on iPhone in front of an Apple press image of iPhone 15 Pro Max
Credit: ZODTTD / Apple

Gamma PS1 emulator on iPhone in front of an Apple press image of iPhone 15 Pro Max
Credit: ZODTTD / Apple


  • After a turbulent few weeks for emulators on the App Store, Gamma brings a PS1 emulator to iPhone
  • The app features support for controllers, save states, customizable controller skins, and more Quality of Life support
  • Gamma marks the first non-Nintendo emulator on the App Store, bringing a new era of gaming to iPhone users

Since Apple's relaxed its App Store policies to allow for emulators on the storefront, it's been a bit of a rollercoaster. Some apps have prevailed, like the Delta emulator that has brought plenty of retro Nintendo titles to iPhone users, while other similar emulators have been shutdown before reaching their prime.

As the list of the best iPhone emulators grows with each passing month, there's a new kid on the block - Gamma. Developed by ZodTTD, the Gamma emulator allows you to pair the best phone controllers, in an attempt to turn your smartphone into a PS1 version of the best gaming handhelds.

Not only does Gamma allow you to play PS1 games on-the-go, the emulator has a bunch of essential Quality of Life tricks. Much like the Delta emulator that recently released, you can play with controllers, including via Bluetooth, it offers save states and customizable controller skins, and it also picks up cover arts for all of your games too.

Gamma is one of the only non-Nintendo emulators on the App Store, and it's available to download now for free. As of writing this article, it's sitting at a disappointing 2.6/5 rating, but the issues appear to be related to controllers, so it will likely get patched and fixed in a future update.

This marks a huge change for the App Store. PS1, and even PS2 emulation has been huge on Android for years, making up some of the best Android emulators. Hopefully, as time goes on, more emulators that aren't Nintendo will release and bring us different consoles and generations to our beloved iPhones.

In fact, that's already happening. The biggest PSP emulator, aptly titled PPSSPP, is in-review for its iOS version, and 3DS emulator Folium is also awaiting review from Apple. It won't be long until iPhones finally get a much-needed emulator revolution, one that many mobile gamers have been waiting years for.

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