You have just 7 days to get this amazing VR games bundle

Samurai and a Knight fighting in sword fighting VR game Broken Edge

Samurai and a Knight fighting in sword fighting VR game Broken Edge


  • Humble Bundle has a VR bundle available right now, that gives you nine brilliant games for only £15.75
  • The purchase helps two different charities, while giving you some excellent experiences in virtual reality
  • The bundle includes hit games like Arizona Sunshine, Broken Edge, After the Fall, and more

When it comes to great bargains, Humble Bundle is an excellent place to grab some. Around the holidays, the company delivers huge bundles at ridiculously discounted prices, and with some great titles. But even outside of the holidays, Humble Bundle's storefront has plenty of great deals.

If you've picked up one of the best VR headsets over the holidays, or you have one of the best graphics cards in your VR-ready PC, the latest bundle is a must-have, if only to bolster your backlog of virtual reality games. But, you'll need to be quick, as this bundle only lasts for seven days.

One of the limited-time offerings from Humble Bundle, the Virtual Realities: Mystery and Mayhem bundle has some of the best PCVR games available, from platformers like No More Rainbows to the bright and competitive 1v1 game, Broken Edge. Like other bundles from the storefront, the different titles are offered at different tiers, but you'll need to pay at least £15.75 to get all nine games.

The games included in the bundle are:

  • The 7th Guest VR
  • Firmament
  • Another Fisherman's Tale
  • After the Fall: Deluxe Edition
  • No More Rainbows
  • Arizona Sunshine: Deluxe Edition
  • Broken Edge
  • A Fisherman's Tale
  • 45% off Arizona Sunshine 2 Deluxe Edition

Personally, I recently purchased both After the Fall and Broken Edge for £12 and £16 respectively, so the fact that this bundle gives you both of those titles and more is an absolute steal. I've not managed to play all of these games, but the Arizona Sunshine duology, No More Rainbows, and the two titles I recently bought are all worth the cost, offering great experiences.

By purchasing the bundle, you aren't just getting some great games at a great price, but you're also supporting two charities: the Starlight Children's Foundation and Child's Play Charity. Humble Bundle donates money from each sale, and while you need to pay at least £15.75 to get all nine games, you have the option to offer more as a donation.

Either way, it's a win-win. You get some brilliant VR games to play (or add to your backlog and never touch. I do the same), and you help some hard-working charities. May as well pick it up while you can.

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