You might be killing your PS5 by using it vertically

you might be killing your ps5 by using it vertically

you might be killing your ps5 by using it vertically

Sony originally said that the PlayStation 5 (PS5) could be used either vertically or horizontally when its massive design was first announced. However, some recent studies have shown that the vertical position of the console might be a detriment to the system, maybe even slowly killing the console.

It’s a scary thought since both positions are advertised heavily by Sony, with the vertical position arguably being the most powerful. After all, it shows how massive the system is and saves space so that people can put various items beside it. Unfortunately, there might be some evidence that we shouldn’t use this position much longer.

Hopefully, with this newfound knowledge, Sony can react and tell players how to properly play their PS5 console. Considering how hard this system can be to find, let alone purchase, fans will want to keep it alive for as long as possible.

Twitter user 68Logic brought attention to this issue when they showed the inside of a PS5 that has been vertical for most of its lifespan. According to the user, the liquid metal used to cool the APU might spill in this position, making the cooling uneven and potentially heating up the system.

Youtuber and console repairer TheCod3r also brought attention to this design flaw in a video last year. He shows a PS5 that hasn’t been purchased but was put into the vertical position for months, which led to the console not being able to turn on. At around 12 minutes in the video below, the YouTuber sees all of the aforementioned liquid gone and adds some so it can turn on again.

Obviously, from what’s been discovered, it’s clear that PS5 owners will need to make some changes if they want to keep using their consoles. With no plans for a PS6 anytime soon, players will need to take care of their console and that means not setting it vertically.

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Depending on your area, the PS5 may or may not be available. Apparently, the shortages are no longer as frequent, though scalpers are still abound.

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