Yamaha CD-C693 will throw you back to better times

The Yamaha CD-C603
Credit: Yamaha

The Yamaha CD-C603
Credit: Yamaha

If it was 2004, this would arguably be the most advanced bit of hardware on the market. They might be known best for their motorcycles, but Yamaha is proving that it knows its stuff when it comes to tech as well. Christmas might be over, but it's still a great time to treat yourself to the brand's 2023 CD changer, the Yamaha CD-C603.

The CD might be a dying medium in a world where you can download or stream just about anything, but Yamaha's gadget gives you the power to shift through your favourite albums with ease. It can playback up to five discs and has a nifty PlayXChange feature, which enables you to change the four discs that aren't playing while the fifth one blasts your favourite tracks.

The CD-C603 isn't just for CDs, so you can still make use of it if you've moved on from a physical music collection. The device has a handy USB port in the front so you can play any audio files, including MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, and WMA. Consumers would certainly hope that it is packed with features, given its lofty $550 price tag. It's not just the features, though, that justify the cost of the tech, it's also the quality of the audio.

Yamaha is also promising a top-quality listening experience. With its Pure Direct feature, as is the norm on their products nowadays, the CD603 will shut out most contributing factors to a hindered audio quality, namely the interferences caused by digital audio output and active displays. The whole guts of the tech have been improved over other designs Yamaha has released before as well, with the whole layout inside the device aimed to optimise its performance like never before.

It might be a little late for a new CD revolution, but that doesn't mean there isn't tech to bring out the best in our dusty disc collections. And you'd hope so, given the hefty price tag on it.

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