Xbox Series X mini-fridge is close to becoming a real thing

When Microsoft first revealed the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards 2019, the device was the subject of countless memes comparing it to a fridge.

The company has since embraced these comparisons, creating a full-sized Xbox Series X fridge to send to iJustine and Snoop Dogg. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's energy drink ZOA also partnered with Xbox to release a ZOA-branded Series X mini-fridge as part of a sweepstakes competition.

However, it seems that a for-consumer Series X mini-fridge could be in the works, depending on the outcome of a Twitter poll...

Xbox vs Skittles

Starting on March 15, the Twitter Marketing account launched its #BestofTweets Brand Bracket to decide which brand has the best Twitter presence. Since then, the likes of Wendy's, Doritos, GEICO, MTV, Oreo and Amazon's Alexa have all been knocked out with only two remaining: Skittles and Xbox.

In an attempt to get more people to vote for the gaming company, Xbox's Aaron Greenberg promised that if Xbox wins, it will create a real Xbox Series X mini-fridge. Skittles has promised to bring back Lime Skittles if it wins.

"Help @Xbox win this and we'll put into production this year REAL XBOX SERIES X MINIFRIDGES! Yep, you read that right," said Greenberg.

Given the timing of this post, Greenberg also commented this is "not an April Fools joke."

Will Xbox win?

It's pretty close.

At the time of writing, Xbox remains slightly ahead of Skittles, holding 50.9% of the vote compared to Skittles' 49.1%. Over 266,000 votes have been cast.

Of course, even if Xbox wins, there's no telling what the mini-fridges could be like. Given the previous fridge-based products have only been available in contests, we'd hope that the company releases its mini-fridges direct for consumer purchase, which we'd expect would sell out in minutes.

Does this mean Sony will release a PS5 Wi-Fi router in response?

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