Xbox promises to make Xbox Series X mini-fridges a reality

Xbox will create a line of Xbox Series X mini-fridges, marketing manager Aaron Greenberg has confirmed.

This update comes after Greenberg promised the company would produce an official Xbox mini-fridge if it beat Skittles to win Twitter Marketing's #BestofTweet's competition.

With a total of 341,731 votes cast, Xbox narrowly beat Skittles, taking 50.5% of the vote compared to Skittles' 49.5%.

"Now that @Xbox won, we will move forward on our promise to make those Xbox Series X Mini Fridges," Greenberg tweeted after the vote ended. "First one off the line will be filled with games & headed to our friends @Skittles of course!"


If you've somehow been lucky enough to avoid the internet over the past 18 months, you may have missed the countless memes devoted to comparing the Xbox Series X to a fridge.

Capitalising on the memes, Xbox created a full-size Series X fridge, which they then sent to Snoop Dogg, iJustine and one lucky fan. Similarly, Xbox teamed up with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's energy drink ZOA to create a ZOA-branded Xbox mini-fridge available as a competition prize.

Given the attention such products have garnered, it was only a matter of time until Xbox cashed in on this branding opportunity even further and released an official mini-fridge for a wider consumer base.

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Xbox Series X mini-fridge details

As Greenberg has only just confirmed the mini fridge will launch, the details are lacking.

While creating a fridge may seem like a pretty arduous task, the Xbox team has already created a full-size Xbox fridge before, meaning they will at least have some idea as to how they can create a mini-fridge - or at least have a partnership with a company that can.

In terms of pricing, we'd suspect the mini-fridge won't be cheap. A mini-fridge can range from around $40 to $100, and when you throw in the Xbox branding and cost of shipping, it might just be worth buying an actual Xbox Series X.

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