Xbox Retail Mode emulators now result in 15-day suspensions, potential bans

An Xbox Retail Mode emulator running on a Series S playing the Xbox 360 port of Goldeneye
Credit: Modern Vintage Gamer

An Xbox Retail Mode emulator running on a Series S playing the Xbox 360 port of Goldeneye
Credit: Modern Vintage Gamer

Gamers who install Xbox Retail Mode emulators will now face a 15-day suspension for using the unlicensed software on their Series X or Series S consoles.

Xbox users have been able to use multiple methods to install emulators on their consoles without setting up a Dev Mode account. From Xbox 360 emulator Xenia to GameCube/Wii emulator Dolphin, the software’s availability was lauded by fans.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has been on the defensive against the software, removing store pages and blocking anyone from opening the apps on their consoles. While these apps can still be installed in Dev Mode, Microsoft will not allow them on retail devices.

Since Microsoft’s attack on Retail Mode hacks started, a group known as UWeaPons Store have attempted to keep the community going. After starting a Patreon to keep the fight moving, the group announced today that they will be surrendering after Microsoft issued a number of bans to users.

“I regret to inform you that Microsoft has played the card we hoped they never would: user suspensions,” the group announced. “It appears that accounts who have used the packages are receiving 14 day suspensions. This hasn’t happened before in the 2 year history of retail emulators.”

The group revealed that Microsoft was even banning users who were caught uploading emulators to the store. Users who want to keep trying methods of getting emulators up on Retail Mode were warned against doing so.

“Microsoft aren’t playing around anymore, they’re capable of detecting uncloaked emulators even without links to them, and repeated suspensions will result in a permanent ban,” the group said. “Rest assured any suspension you may receive will be temporary and we apologise for the inconvenience.”

Fans of the retail mode emulators revealed that they would simply cave in and get a Dev Mode account after all. While having emulators on Retail Mode was easier for everyone, it has also caused nothing but trouble for the community.

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