Xbox players can no longer upload screenshots to Twitter from their consoles

xbox players can no longer upload screenshots from their consoles

xbox players can no longer upload screenshots from their consoles

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Series users will no longer be able to directly share screenshots and video clips from their console to Twitter. While Microsoft hasn’t revealed the reason for removing this feature, it seems that the changes Elon Musk made to Twitter costs might be why.

Replying to a user who just found out the news, the Xbox Twitter confirmed that the feature to share screenshots and clips to Twitter has been “disabled.” Despite disabling the feature, they did confirm that Xbox users can still share these personal accomplishments on Twitter via the Xbox app.

“We have had to disable the ability to share game uploads to Twitter directly from the console and Game Bar on Windows. You can still share your favorite moments to Twitter via the Xbox app for Android and iOS,” said the official account.

Funnily enough, the account then proceeded to teach users how to use the app for sharing screens and videos. It’s a good reminder so that other gamers facing similar problems won’t have to go through this again. While it’s a shame this had to happen, we don’t blame Xbox for not wanting to pay increased fees to the app.

Xbox has always had the reputation for having stellar online multiplayer and it’s helped carry the console through some tough times. It’s why the news is a big deal, as players are always eager to share their accomplishments on social media, especially if their friends missed a game or two.

Game Pass has also done a stellar job at keeping the brand relevant, especially with all the exclusives that are added. Even big third-party games like the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre are coming to Game Pass at launch, which is huge.

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It’s easy enough to get the Xbox app in case players desperately want to share clips and pics on Twitter.

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