Xbox players are angry over Modern Warfare 2's crossplay features

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is upon us and the Stealth Optional team can't stop playing it. However, there are a subset of gamers who are less than pleased with the one of the game's multiplayer features - namely Xbox players, who are upset with the fact that you can't disable crossplay on Xbox consoles.

In a Reddit post entitled "Crossplay is killing casual gaming," user 'Canadian Turkey' says "I bought an Xbox because I was tired of PC gaming and how sweaty it is." They go on to point out that the reason they chose to move to console and use a controller to game is because they don't care about competitive gaming.

"Forcing me to play with PC players on M&K or other console players who use M&K is literally killing casual gaming. I own a console, I’m using a controller I just trying to enjoy myself," CanadianTurkey says.

This sentiment is echoed by other users too. "I just wanted crossplay to play co op games with my friends. This whole forced pvp thing is confusing," 'Urgasmic' says in response.

Frustrations stem from more than just the mouse and keyboard's precision versus playing the FPS game on a controller, however. "99.99% of cheating is from PC Players and there's been nothing done about it," 'Massacre3000' reports in the same post.

To add more salt into the wound, the PS5 actually has the option of disabling crossplay, allowing Sony console owners to only matchmake with other PlayStation players who are using a controller.

You don't have to look far to see this criticism from players extend out to Microsoft's inclusivity policies and push towards removing barriers between PC and console play either. And, when Xbox players can look over the fence and see PlayStation players have the ability to choose how they want to play, it's hard not to ask one question: why can't Xbox users choose whether they want crossplay enabled or not?

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